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Building new headquarters department of the radio and television Krzysztof Kieslowski University of Silesia located inside the nineteenth century residential quarter Katowice , combines the idea of pragmatic and functional architecture of the values of the Silesian cultural tradition recorded in the surrounding architecture. Beauty and the logic of the old building expressed and preserved in the shape and climate backyards , in the selection of materials, facade, relationships and proportions of the buildings to each other are the values that should be extracted and somehow incorporated into the new department WRiT . The simplicity of the organization of spatial plan , usability and functionality , simplicity and economy in the use of architectural expression, precision design concept and pragmatism and flexibility in the conduct of installation are the main features of the object, which the authors adopted as the initial assumptions in architectural dimension . By analogy , a similar assumption seems to be the patron of the department realized Krzysztof Kieslowski film dimension . The new facility should ” soak up ” the value of the existing architectural and cultural traditions while pursuing full support of its future users should be a place through art film image creation and Polish Silesia in the world.



Spatial disposition of the building is the result of the analysis of program structure , the shape of the available land investments , relation to existing buildings , parts of the world , the broad context of the city and ideological assumptions . The property takes the form of simply executing a clear programmatic and conceptual tasks .



Shape, climate and the composition of the existing surrounding buildings is a setting for the Department of Radio and Television at the University of Silesia. The symbiosis of old and new buildings is carried out after the discontinuation of the body of the new building of the walls surrounding peaks . As a result, the composition of the blind walls of the outbuildings is preserved , restored , enhanced and will Stanowic unique backdrop for the new building . At the same time will be extracted and highlighted views into adjacent yards . Tight spaces ” between ” offer an opportunity to generate tensions between the brick walls of the old outbuildings and the façade of the new building , bring the light and are a new type of yard.