The new building for the company Future Processing is a place where the dark façade space is full of passion , diversity and common life for the  FP ( future- processing) team.  In order to meet the expectations and requirments of employees the investor created a space not just interesting but also , effective, creative and desired by others. The new building is perfectly inscribed in the context of the place , its architecture worthily represents the company and its values .



The aim of this project is to design an office building for 450 employees , which meets the contemporary requirements of the companies IT users .The Future Processing Company’s Campus is located on the former mining areas of the former KWK Gliwice, currently subject to dynamic change. The company along with its development decided to expand its campus by constructing another building . Providing the highest quality of the is a key aspect of the project. It is important to design the building which is adaptive and allows flexible division of space . The building should comply with the principles of sustainable development and energy efficiency.



New Gliwice is a space in transition from land mining to parks and business . Nowadays creating buildings have managed to develop its context and conditions. Future Processing which is an active investor through objects Future One, Two , and Future buildings designed canteen , sports training center and created two lines of control , that we decided to respect when writing their own concept. Given the ARL building plots and the limits we set the area under development building FParku 2015 .



The newly designed building continues to maintain current height standerds of the area. This three-storey building located in the Western plot proudly represents the company becoming its clear showcase. The eastern parcel located parking for employees, customers and suppliers of goods . The whole foundation creates a clear sign of the marked by Future Processing .



For illumination of the premises and creating magical space and to created special internal garden / patio which is a place to relax, meet and exchange ideas . The internal garden provides a  peacefull atmosphear open for the companys future functions and meeting in the fresh air. The creation of terraces , paths and ponds promotes integration meetings and rest. The  greenery which surrounds the offices has a positive effect on workers inside the building , providing a mental break.



Creating a foundation object must have the highest respect, urban and architectural quality of the newly formed urban space. Commits to providing the unique context of the culture of the city and the region. The designed object is adapted to scale and architecture of existing and emerging buildings and land use plan for the area , creating a dense urban interiors . In the concept car designed for employees and the access road to the plot . Resolved also in front of the entrance zone with numerous attractive places of rest for workers and with separate places for bicycles. Two types of floor finishes varied designs, strip- covered grass.



In order to know the specifics of work and expectations of the team Future Processing studies were carried out on a group of 12 people, representing various positions in the company , responsibilities and experience. The resulting , cross-section expectations ” allows you to program newly designed building in an optimal way , reverting to the style of work and the desire of employees. Each of the respondents answered the same questions , and those closely associated with the specificity of his duties. Citations included in the study are authentic. We believe that a well-designed building can increase satisfaction and efficiency of its users.



Designing office buildings , investors often overlook the provision of high quality office space for the users , planning it in terms of performance of office space. This is due to the lack of knowledge about the real needs of all user groups . The proposed facility presents a new approach to an investor who ‘s main goal was to create a space friendly for young staff , which meets all their  needs. Creating such a space conducive to innovative management team based on informal interpersonal relations , where there are no fixed working hours, and the employee closely identified with this company .



Representative three-storey space located on a corner plot intuitively serves as a lobby for employees and customers, and is the entrance zone . Each floor is equipped with a corridor connecting all the wings , ensuring the smooth flow for the workers. In addition, the first floor of the building includes a link to the canteen .


Undercut in the south façade can produce spectacular and representative input area for employees and customers. Co- emphasized the value of indoor gardens opening it for users of other buildings Future Processing . Such a procedure at the same time protected the southern  building from overheating and glare by creating shadows.