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First place in the competition closed tie with a design office BM project . The research firm Future- Processing and its specific operating environment allowed us to prepare the original concept that meets the requirements of the investor.



Future Processing is primarily young drive energy development. The team of over 200 ambitious people cope with most complicated tasks on the Polish market and internationally.



Quality and innovation are hallmarks of the company. Engineering organizational culture and concern for the best quality product are indicators of the brand that is the FP .



For over 10 years the company was founded by a group of a few ambitious people , the company has become a recognized company employing 200 people. Desire to be a leading brand in the production of software means that FP employs more people , and thus , creates and develops its own office which is constantly developing .



Future Processings cooperation with universities and having a young team composed largely of the students is a hallmark of the brand. A group of young people  hungry for success move flexibly from academic life, to professional life , wanting to become part of a growing company and its success.



The unique atmosphere of work, supports the full range of freedom of creativity and cooperation among employees.



Need to follow global trends requires continuous development and opening of new markets , customers and challenges. The unique working environment should be conducive to all team members. Future Processing would create the future of Polish IT industry. For this reason, the company must have a representative and functional office corresponding to the needs of modern and contemporary brand manufacturer of advanced information technology systems . I need a space conducive to creative work and intellectual property. Space becoming the being and mental function of the user , in which the employee feels like home. Space where one wants to be . Such quality office area create a modern enterprise , where the quality of the product comes from the satisfaction of work units – the employee. Future Processing provides the same quality . The companys innovative approach in the country makes for employment of not only students and graduates of the Technical University of Silesia , but also the leading universities of the country and abroad.


2020 Dynamic growth of additional jobs increases , and hence the additional space . Employment reaches 1,000 people and the area of office buildings includes 17 thousand . square meters. Future Processing creates unique in the country town of Technology . The new urban plan based on the principles of sustainable development of energy-efficient office buildings based on modern technologies for energy recovery becomes a prime example of environmentally friendly architecture office .



The main objective of the design is to create a modern company headquarters , which will positively tuned employees to face the challenges of getting it later . Locations an expression of aspirations Future Processing – a clear and recognizable identification features such as quality , innovation , modernity . Relax, Entertainment , Green Leaving a large area of biologically active promotes numerous meetings and The events company in the fresh air. Green surrounding office complex has a positive effect on workers inside buildings , providing them with mental rest . Modern business should support contemporary lifestyles. Commuting by bike is the healthiest and most economical way of communication. The project involves the creation of bicycle parking for employees without worrying about leaving it unattended. In addition, the complex contains a number of amenities for employees , such as car washes and cycling , or workshop .



Creating assumptions town FP should have the highest regard for the quality of urban and architectural newly – emerging urban space. Commits us to providing a unique context of the culture of the city and the region. The proposed facilities are tailored to the scale and architecture of existing and emerging buildings forming a dense urban interiors . Construction FParku was divided into individual stages , conditional on the current needs of the company in the office space and the economics of the construction process. FPark 2015 Stage I – the construction of priority sports center with office buildings A and canteen Stage II – Construction of office building B III stage – the construction of an office building C FPark 2018 – Construction of the office building D



Office maintenance costs are closely related to the advancement of the technology used and the designer’s knowledge in this area. Office building located in the east – west direction makes the interior does not overheat . The use of photovoltaic cells also reduces maintenance costs and contributes to environmental friendliness . Rainwater is stored and designed for flushing toilets .